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What is included in the box I will receive ?

  • Your eVscope or your eQuinox
  • The Bahtinov mask (located in the cap cover)
  • The tripod + cylindrical black foam to keep in case of return
  • The power supply with adaptable plugs (EU, USA, UK, JP)
  • A quick start guide
  • A user guide
  • The accessories box with tools
  • A removable cover + 2 spare screws for the tripod

Note: the Unistellar backpack is not included in your telescope order. You have to place a separate order for it, you can do this just after your eVscope or eQuinox order (a link will automatically appear). 

If you have already placed your telescope order in the past and now are willing to add a backpack, please contact our Sales Team here.

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