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What is included in the package of my eQuinox 2 or eVscope 2?

  • Your eVscope 2 or your eQuinox 2
  • The Bahtinov mask (located in the cap cover)
  • The tripod 
  • The power supply with adaptable plugs (EU, USA, UK)
  • The accessories box with tools
  • A removable cover + 2 spare screws for the tripod

Depending on the factory batch, you may see a foam ring / red collar at the base of the telescope/mount. Please remove it as it's shown below and keep it in case you ever need to ship the telescope. The same goes for the original packaging.


About tools:

  • Tripod Tool 1: 8mm hex socket (clamp nuts)
  • Tripod Tool 2: 5.5mm hex key (head bolts)
  • Tripod Tool 3: 4mm hex key (clamp bolts)
  • Telescope Tool 1: 4mm Torx (star) key (collimation)
  • Telescope Tool 2: 3mm hex key (removing the cell)


Note: For sustainability reasons and due to the evolving nature of our products (the Unistellar App & the telescope firmware getting constantly improved and updated) we are not able to provide a paper manual in the box. You can download the current user manual here: Do you have any user guide or instructions available?

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