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Hand or checked luggage for your eVscope/eQuinox and backpack?


This backpack is perfect for walking around only. Most airline companies limit their hand luggage to 8 kg or 18 lbs, anyway. Please mind that our telescopes weigh 9 kg and our backpack 2 kg. Moreover, the backpack size (72 x 22.5 x 29 cm) does not fit the hand luggage requirements, it's slightly longer.

Now, we do not recommend putting your telescope simply in the backpack in checked luggage on an airplane/flight, there is a huge chance it might be damaged. Our team uses rigid cases while traveling to make sure that their telescopes are perfectly safe. Below, you will find a few tips on hard/rigid cases.

Our expert users recommend pelican cases to travel:
The dimensions of the backpack are: 72 x 22.5 x 29 cm & The tripod's dimensions are: 65 cm x 23 cm 
This webpage will give you every dimension possible for Pelican boxes:
You have an icon to find your perfect box by entering the measurements: 'Case calculator' and the store will give you the suitcases you are looking for. 
Some team members used The Pelican 1650 or The Pelican 1615.
The Pelican 1650 - for this case, use the white foam that comes with the packaging of your Unistellar telescope and insert it inside the case - it fits like a glove as you can see in the image below :

The Pelican 1615 - for this smaller case, you can simply shape the foam to fit the telescope/toolbox/tripod.

Last but not least, lithium-Ion batteries under 100 Wh can be carried in checked baggage as part of portable electronic devices, without any problems.

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