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How do I get started (I need a user guide / manual)?


Please find below a PDF version of the Quick Start Guide in English, French, German, and Japanese. The updated Technical/User Guides in English, French, and German are there as well. The Japanese version is coming.

For sustainability reasons and due to the evolving nature of our products (the Unistellar App & the telescope firmware getting constantly improved and updated) we are not able to provide a paper manual in the box. If you need a paper version, please print the provided PDF.

Also, feel free to check out this video tutorial in English, how to set up your eVscope 2:

How to set up your eQuinox 2:

Note : After you've leveled your tripod and BEFORE you place your eVscope on the tripod, push down hard on the top of the tripod to make sure that the legs of the tripod are securely locked in place and that the tripod is still level after you've pushed down.

Short summary:

1. Check the tripod bolts/screws.
1.1 extend it fully, but don't add a telescope. Lean on it. Legs have to be firm, if not, tighten some more
2. Load the battery
3. Watch our videos about collimation and focusing
4. Check collimation and fix it if off
5. Focus every night and again if the temperature changes (5-10 degrees)
6. Enjoy!

More information can be found here.

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