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How do I update my Unistellar App?


You can do it by finding recent updates in App Store if you've got an iPhone or Google Play if you use an Android smartphone. Once your App update is completed, get your eVscope up and running. This will trigger your eVscope's software update automatically and will take approximately 15-30 seconds. The App version can be seen in the Store as well.

Detailed steps:

1) start your eVscope (red button ON)
2) get connected (Wi-Fi)
3) launch your App
4) launch the update (it will ask you to)

Keep your scope ON during that time and stay close. Please isolate it from other Wi-Fi devices as they can interfere. If it does not work within 2-3 minutes, abort it, and restart your App. You can also restart your phone and eVscope. You may want to try with another phone as well.

It is normal to lose your connection with the eVscope within the process, as the unit is being completely rebooted and cuts the Wi-Fi off, it's then restarted automatically. You have to reconnect again by killing* the App, you'll be able to see the new software version in the User tab.

Now you are done. Enjoy your observation!


* Occasionally Apps don’t respond as quickly as they should. When this happens, one useful strategy is to try "killing" the app and restarting it.  This is easy to do, though the method does depend on the type of device you use. For iOS, for example:

  • Double-tap the Home button if there is any
  • Drag the App up to the top of the screen
  • Restart the App
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