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30-day trial & Warranty


Returns within our 30-day trial policy

If you don't want to keep your purchase, you can return it within our 30-day trial policy. For any Undamaged product, and within a period of 30 days after reception, the customer can return it by requesting a Return Material Authorization (RMA) by contacting Unistellar here. Please provide the serial number of your telescope when contacting us for a return as well as close up pictures from all angles to ensure it is in good conditions.

Upon reception of the RMA and the return instructions from the logistic department, you can return the product with all included accessories and complete packaging along with the original receipt in its original condition and in perfect state within 2 weeks.

A functional check will be performed within 2 weeks upon arrival. We will then offer a full refund upon receipt of said returned product using the same payment method as the one used at the time of the sale or pre-order.

Returning costs are at the expense of the customer. Restocking fees shall be applied in case of missing parts or damaged packaging. A product that has been damaged shall not be refunded.

Warranty and repairs

The eVscope or the eQuinox comes with a 2-year warranty that starts from the shipping date which is also the invoice date. It looks like this:


This also applies to second-hand purchases. If the user purchased the product via Unistellar directly, we take care of everything if the warranty is still running and as long as they can provide the original invoice. Invoices are available upon request.

Please provide the serial number of your telescope when contacting us for any technical request. 

Note: If the purchase was made via a distributor, the original buyer should deal with the original retailer/seller. We would like to remind you that checking tripods and the base prior to each and every session is critical for your safety and that of others and your equipment. This check needs to encompass all locks, bolts, and attachment points for the telescope and it's mentioned in the user guide to be careful with the product.

Failure to do this is playing Russian Roulette and remains a user error, and thus not covered by any warranty.

Please note that your warranty will be invalidated if 

  • The warranty period has expired
  • You modified the product in design or function or subjected it to abuse, misuse, mishandling, or unauthorized repair

If your warranty has expired, we can give you an estimation of the cost for repairs - when repairs are possible - based on the diagnosis of our technical expert.

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