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What to do if I experience Wi-Fi disconnections?


Please mind that in most cases, your Wi-Fi connection depends on your external conditions. A wall/a window between you and the eVscope, other connected devices up and running close to you, and there will be a loss of your Wi-Fi connection. Also, too many Wi-Fi connections around will surely impact your observation. Unistellar/your telescope cannot control your environment. 

However, you can check/work on one or many of the following steps first:

  1. Your LED should be red (the sign that the telescope is functional and ready to use)
  2. Ensure you've got the latest App update (which can be checked through the Stores)
  3. Deactivate the auto-lock in your device (or change it to 2min at least)
  4. Accept insecure network connections
  5. There can be a communication error between the eVScope & phone/tablet, sometimes the operator becomes a watcher, you can check this in the User tab (only the operator mode can control your unit)
  6. If you are not an Operator any more, please click several times operator/watcher/operator/watcher/operator. At one point, you'll need to enter a password which is your serial number (under the tube).  vous faut cliquer plusieurs fois sur le statut opérateur/observateur/opérateur. Do it by following with "enter".
  7. Stay close to the scope (less than 10m/30f), the distance between you and the eVscope, wall or window thickness between the user and the eVscope does matter
  8. You can have a look under the menu settings of your tablet or phone and then check your '' local network'', this option should be ON, and the privacy should be OFF
  9. "Forget" or switch off your home network to avoid any interferences with it, your OS might prefer, and then change Wi-Fi for another better network (that you might have provided in your phone). For example, your VPN might be running in the background and preventing the App from connecting to the eVscope's Wi-Fi
  10. Get connected in the middle of a garden or field, where there are fewer interferences
  11. In case of Wi-Fi channel incompatibility, restarting your router/device's Wi-Fi connection may solve the issue
  12. Avoid quitting the App to do other things in parallel (texting, calling, checking your social media)
  13. Uninstall and reinstall the App
  14. Reboot the telescope (OFF then ON)

If your LED gets or stays purple or white after all those manipulations, please contact us. In order to speed up the process, please provide your telescope's serial number while logging your technical request

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