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Important information
If you use iOS, please make sure to check this article:
Image saving errors or unable to connect to the eVscope Wi-Fi ?


Here is a display of the home page with some indications of where each feature can be found (video below): 




We will go through each feature in separate articles but for now, let's get you started with your first observation with the new App.

Your first observation

1 - First, start your eVscope and connect to its network

2 - Launch the Unistellar App 

3 - Press the telescope Icon at the bottom right corner of the screen


4 - Press the "move" button down at the bottom of your screen


5 - Hold and drag the joystick to move and control your eVscope
6 - Press on the "back" button



7 - With stars appearing on your screen you can press the "eVscope orientation" icon which is the new term used for "Automatic Field Detection (AFD)"


Then, if you need, press Edit to access the manual controls for gain and exposure.

8 - The Ra/Dec feature is accessible when you are already aligned. Note that you can now enter ''h'' for hour, ''m'' for minute, and ''s'' for second in Ra and ''d'' for degree in Dec instead of using symbols.



Note: this App is a solid base for future developments. We appreciate your patience!


Here is a quick intro video to guide you through this new version of the App : 



Clear Skies!

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