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Can I benefit from trade-in or upgrade programs?


No, we do not have the possibility to offer a trade-in program at the moment. Maybe one day, we will be powerful and big enough for taking products back as some mighty corporations do, but for the time being, we are still a small business with limited resources. Thank you for your understanding.

Our telescopes are all-in-one products that do not allow modifications in terms of hardware. Therefore, we cannot upgrade your sensor, or integrate (or replace) an eyepiece, for example. However, our App and embedded software are constantly updated and remain operational for all of our products regardless of the model.

We strive on improving the user journey, sharpening different functionalities, fixing various bugs, and adding new features regularly. We also work on compiling our users' feedback and analyzing it weekly. If you wish to send us your wishes or suggestions, please contact us here.

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