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The Unistellar app changelog / Software updates


Latest Version:

2.3.1 (486) aired on January 30, 2023


- Software integration of our new telescope the eQuinox

- Improvement of the control system for the operator/observer status by eliminating any unintentional switch during your star parties. Check this article out for more information.

- Security upgrade for your telescope connection by adding a password. You have now the option to create a Wi-Fi password to secure your observations. Check this article out for more information.

Bug fixes:

- Content update

- Overall performance and stability improvements

Previous releases:

2.2.0 (469) aired on November 17, 2022


- In a few seconds, you can now observe Jupiter in colors and details thanks to Unistellar's enhanced vision. Also available for Saturn, Mars, and Venus.

- A new science mode, "Cosmic cataclysm", is now available

- A button to find predictions for each science mode is now available

- Improvement of the GPS efficiency

Bug fixes:

- When visible sky area is deselected, Fawaris is not the first object displayed

- Overall performance and stability improvements

- Visible sky area settings from the catalog and main settings are synchronized

- When a second deep link, from the same category, is opened, information is updated

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