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FAQ : Sun Observation


This article provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about Sun observation with the Smart Solar Filter and app version 3.0 and more.

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Why can't I see the Sun properly through my eyepiece? (EVSCOPE and ODYSSEY PRO)

For a better solar experience, we integrated our Goto Sun and Sun Tracking Technology into our smart telescopes. You will be able to witness the Sun, take captures with the App, and share them with your friends and family. However, the day’s brightness may make it difficult for you to look through the eyepiece, and the image may be faint.
How long can I observe the Sun without damaging my telescope? We recommend a 1-hour session for a solar experience without the risk of the telescope overheating.
Why is the Sun truncated with EVSCOPE 1 and EQUINOX 1? The field of view of the EVSCOPE 1 and EQUINOX 1 telescopes is 0.61° x 0.46°. The sun has an angular size of about 0.5° (like the moon). To see the sun or moon in its entirety, we recommend the EVSCOPE 2 and EQUINOX telescopes, which have a larger field of view of 0.76° x 0.57°.
Can I see solar prominence? No, this would require another type of sun filter, which is much more expensive.
Why does the UNISTELLAR overlay on my saved captures hide part of the Sun? The overlay is not suitable for objects such as the Moon and Sun, which have large angular sizes. You can save your image without the overlay.
How do you focus when observing the Sun? (EQUINOX 1/2 and EVSCOPE 1/2)

Once the telescope is tracking the Sun, you can focus directly with the focus wheel. Look at the sunspots on your screen and turn the wheel until the spots are in focus. There is a delay of a few milliseconds when you turn the wheel and the image on your screen.

Can I use Dynamic Signal Amplification (Enhanced Vision) on the Sun? Yes, there is a dedicated mode for the Sun since app version 3.0.
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