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👽 Advice: Check out this selection of articles that explain everything you need to know about using your telescopes with the UNISTELLAR version 3.0 application.

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Observation Page Explained


The observation page is where you’ll be able to see what your telescope is looking at, to start watching and enjoy your observations.


Navigate to the observation page

Once your telescope is connected to the app, you can reach the observation page from the Homepage.

Tap on "Watch" to start observing.

The observation page can also be reached from the Catalog, Science, and the Gallery page. There is a "Watch" button at the bottom right of each page. 


This is the observation page in live view. 


You can swipe right to access the Move mode and swipe left to access the Edit mode. You can also tap on the Move or Edit buttons directly.


Tap on to activate Enhanced Vision (Dynamic Signal Amplification). Tap on once again to stop Enhanced Vision (Dynamic Signal Amplification).

Learn more about using Enhanced Vision (Dynamic Signal Amplification):


Tap on to save an image.

Learn more about saving your capture:



When observing, you can zoom in and out to see more details, you can also hide the interface by tapping anywhere on the screen. Tap once again to show the interface.

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