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How to Use the Catalog?


The catalog is where you’ll find all the objects listed in our database that you can target automatically with a go-to if they are visible in your Visible sky area.

The Catalog can be reached from the bottom menu of the app.


Manually search for object

You can search an object by typing its name, tap on the search button (in the top left corner) to show the search bar.

Type the name of the object you look for and tap enter to start searching.

Note : Currently, the object names are only available in English in the database.


Visible sky area

Tap on Visible sky area at the top to show only objects that are visible in your set Visible Sky Area. If you tap and hold on the Visible Sky Area button for 2 seconds, you’ll be directed to the Visible Sky Area setting page.

Note : More objects will be visible if you select countryside, these objects are fainter and difficult to observe with light pollution. They will require longer exposure time with Enhanced Vision (Dynamic Signal Amplification)


Filter by object type

You can filter objects by types, e.g. : if you want to show only galaxies and clusters.

Tap on "Type" to filter objects by types.

You can select multiple object types. Once you have selected the object's type(s) you want to filter, tap on "Filter" at the bottom. 


Sort objects

You can sort objects, tap on the sort button (in the top right corner).


Object information sheet

For each object listed in the catalog there is an object information sheet where you'll find a lot of interesting information about the object (Alt/Az position, constellation, description, Ra/Dec coordinates, etc.). This is great to learn a bit more about the object you are observing !

As soon as you tap on an object in the catalog, its information sheet will show up, swipe up to see more information.

If the selected object is visible in your set Visible sky area, you can tap the Go-to button to automatically target and observe the object.

Note : Visible during means the time the object will be visible, based on your location and the set sky area.

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