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How to Automatically Point the Telescope to an Object Using the Go-to Option?


The easiest way to start observing a celestial object is with the recommended objects on the Homepage or through the Catalog, you’ll be able to use the Go-to function.

On the Homepage, you can find a selection of recommended objects to observe. You can filter objects by type with the buttons on the top. Swipe over the buttons to show more object types.

You can also use the Catalog. It can be reached from the bottom menu of the app.

As soon as you tap on an object in the catalog or in the recommended objects on the Homepage, its information sheet will appear.

If the selected object is visible in your set Visible sky area, you can tap the Go-to button. The telescope will then automatically slew to the targeted object.

Once the go-to is validated, you can use Enhanced Vision (Dynamic Signal Amplification) to get more details.

Learn more about using Enhanced Vision (Dynamic Signal Amplification) here : How to Use Enhanced Vision? (Dynamic Signal Amplification).

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