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How to Use Enhanced Vision? (Dynamic Signal Amplification)


Once you have targeted an object either from the catalog or using its RA/Dec coordinates, you want to activate Enhanced Vision (Dynamic Signal Amplification) to start stacking captures of this object and see it in full detail.

The system will use its low-light sensor to accumulate light continuously through a series of short exposures.

The resulting image is also projected as the accumulation occurs, which means that once you start Enhanced Vision  (Dynamic Signal Amplification), not only will you see something, but the object will keep on improving with time.

You can learn more about the Enhanced Vision technology (Dynamic Signal Amplification) here : What is Enhanced Vision?


On the observation page, when a Go-to is validated, in Live View the object will be faint and the background noisy. 

You can activate Enhanced Vision (Dynamic Signal Amplification) by tapping on the button .

Once Enhanced Vision (Dynamic Signal Amplification) is activated, the stacking will start and the image will get more details over time. A counter will then start to increment every four seconds (corresponding to the exposure time of each stacked image).

You can stop the Enhanced Vision (Dynamic Signal Amplification) by tapping again on the button .

Note : 5 to 10 min of Enhanced Vision should be enough for most object. However, fainter objects may require longer exposure time.

It can happen that the counter will not increment because some captures are rejected, you can learn more here : “Enhanced Vision disrupted” : What does it mean?

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