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What Is the Citizen Science Program?


Citizen Science

Citizen science is collaborative research between amateur and professional scientists who share a common goal. Most citizen scientists are everyday people, who are curious about science and want to collaborate with others.

UNISTELLAR focuses on citizen space science, which explores the realm beyond planet Earth. Professional space scientists often need the support of citizen scientists – there are simply not enough devices and time to collect all the information that exists about our universe, so citizen scientists use their passion to help gather and analyze data. This work allows us to expand our knowledge of the universe.

Citizen Astronomer Network

The UNISTELLAR Network is a worldwide community of Citizen Astronomers working in partnership with professional astronomers at the SETI Institute. Members use their Unistellar telescope to collect astronomical data, which is supplied to SETI Institute astronomers, who then use it to develop predictions and models. UNISTELLAR community members connect through social media or Slack to share results and plan observation nights with one another.

Our Citizen Astronomers observe space objects such as asteroids, comets, exoplanets and more. No matter your generation, geography, education or interests, there is a meaningful citizen science program for you.

Learn how to join our community of citizen scientists : How do I join the Unistellar Citizen Science Community?

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