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Cosmic Card Collection - How to Change the Catalog Images of the Objects That You Have Observed?


Since update 3.3, we have introduced a new feature in the Lab section of the app. This feature allows you to change the default image of the objects in the catalog by your own pictures of these objects! 


1 - Access the Experimental area / Laboratory tab 

This experimental feature can be found in the new Experimental area / Laboratory tab of the App. You can find the Experimental area / Laboratory in the settings menu. 

The settings menu can be accessed from any of the main pages : Homepage, Catalog, Science, or Gallery. Tap on the settings button (in the top right corner) to access the settings menu.


2 - Activate Cosmic Card Collection in the laboratory tab

Once in the laboratory tab, activate “Add picture cover in catalog”


3 - Start collecting captures to replace the defaults icons displayed in the catalog by your own pictures

Once the feature is activated, if you observe and take a picture of an object from the catalog, the default image will be automatically replaced by your last saved picture of this object. 


4 - Pin your favorite image of an object from your gallery as a Cosmic Card for this object in the catalog

You can also select your favorite image of an object from your gallery as a Cosmic Card for this object in the catalog.

Just go to the app gallery and select an image that you want to use for your Cosmic Card Collection in the catalog. 

Once selected, just tap the Card button to use that image. When an image is used as a card in this way, it won't be replaced if you capture that object again. Disable the Card button if you want to replace it with your future capture of that object, or simply select another image of the same object that you want to use in your gallery and enable the Card button. 

Note: On you can only select images of objects that have been observed with a go-to, if the object was captured by targeting the object manually or using its RA/Dec coordinates, it will not be possible to select its image as a Cosmic Card.

Important: At this point, if you delete or move the images, the default image will come back, and you'll have to capture it again. This feature is also device-dependent, so if you use a different device, you'll have to start over. However, like all the features in the Lab tab, it will be improved over time based on user feedback!

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