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What Is the Dynamic Signal Amplification (Enhanced Vsion)?


Dynamic Signal Amplification is a revolutionary technology invented by UNISTELLAR. Our smart telescopes amplify the incoming light signal from the sky from the very first moments of observation. The onboard computer continuously stacks and live-processes short exposures of the objects at which they are aimed.

This technological achievement redefines how people observe the sky. In mere moments, objects that are barely visible with conventional telescopes—like galaxies, nebulae, and planets— appear with stunning clarity and in vivid color.


How Does Dynamic Signal Amplification Work?

The onboard intelligence of UNISTELLAR telescopes continuously captures short exposures that are processed live by exclusive algorithms, designed and developed by our researchers.

By analyzing large amounts of data, these algorithms have learned to recognize the behavior of the light signal emitted by celestial objects. Only the most relevant signal is preserved in the final image.

Never before in the world of consumer telescopes have such levels of intensity, detail and color been achieved.

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