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How to use the Bahtinov mask ?


To ensure perfect accuracy, point the eVscope to a bright star and use the Bahtinov mask to adjust the focus.


The Bahtinov mask is included in the cover. In order to use it, remove the mask from the cover and install it on the eVscope, as in the pictures.

Here’s how to adjust focus with the mask :

  1. Install and align the eVscope.
  2. In the Explore tab of your app, select the first star in the star menu and ask the eVscope to go to it.
  3. Wait for the eVscope to reach its target.
  4. Put the mask on top of the tube. This will create a specific pattern, with a central line and two other lines forming an X, visible in the eyepiece or on your smartphone.
  5. If the pattern is too dark, adujst the gain and the exposure time to make it brighter.
  6. Slowly rotate the focusing wheel until the central line is positioned exactly in the middle of the X

In these three images you can see a star observed with the mask: In the first two images the focus was not right. By slowly rotating the focusing wheel, perfect focus was achieved as shown in the last image.






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