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Where can I download the Unistellar App ? Can it work with my PC or MAC? Is there an API?


The eVscope is a connected telescope, therefore you’ll need to connect it to another device. The corresponding App was designed for smartphones only, to start. We added tablets, later on, compatible with Apple & Android.

If you can't download the App to your device, please check its operating system (see below). Also, we recommend you activate your GPS before downloading the App. Here are the links to follow from your smartphone or tablet :  

Play Store

App Store

For the required minimum for a smartphone or a tablet:

  • Android 7 or iOS 12 operating system* (though, we highly recommend using at least Android 10 or iOS 14)
  • 2GB minimum of RAM (Random Access Memory): 108.5Mo for the App installation and 500Mo (1GB is better) available for pictures stored in your phone's gallery

Note: Please note that the App is not supported by FireOS, Huawei Harmony OS, and is not available to download to PC or MAC. As for the API, due to the patented proprietary software, for the time being, we keep the development in-house and are working on improving the existing version.

* Please note that the Unistellar App will no longer be usable on older iPhones and iPads still running iOS12 and prior (iPhones 5S, 6, 6Plus, iPad Air, Mini 2, and Mini 3), starting from April 17, 2022

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