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The UNISTELLAR App Changelog (App and Firmware Updates)


Current version

3.0.1 (550) for Android and 3.0.1 (552) for iOS 

Released on February 20, 2024 (hotfix)

Bug fixes

  • Corrected Stellar Autofocus for ODYSSEY.
  • Resolved Wi-Fi connection issue where no network was emitted


Previous updates

3.0.0 (541)

Released on January 8, 2024


  • Improved user interface with a new design
  • Improved user experience with new Homepage and Watch screens
  • Simplified telescope connection
  • Automatic orientation at the beginning of each Goto
  • Enhanced Vision for the Moon: new live image processing
  • Enhanced Vision for the Sun: new live image processing 
  • Adding content for the Sun and Moon object cards.
  • Option to change the color of the LED of the telescope (blue / red)
  • Direct access to the Help Center
  • Direct access to the Shop
  • Compatibility with all UNISTELLAR telescopes


Bug fixes

  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements


2.5.0 (517)

Released on September 19, 2023


  • Enjoy the easiest and safest way to observe the Sun with Unistellar's Smart Solar Filter.
  • Automated sun tracking with Goto Sun and Sun tracking Technology.
  • Improved targeting and tracking of the Moon.

Bug fixes

  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements.


2.4.1 (503) Android and 2.4.1 (502) iOS

Released on August 1st, 2023 (hotfix)

Bug fixes

  • Occurrence of concentric rings appearing under certain observation conditions attenuated.
  • Bug involving image loss during Enhanced Vision fixed.
  • Bug involving Enhanced Vision stopping after 8 seconds fixed.


2.4.0 (501)

Released on June 6, 2023


  • Software integration for background removal using UNISTELLAR's Deep Dark Technology
  • Global content quality reviewed in 4 available languages (EN FR DE JP)
  • Comets added: C/2021 T4 Lemmon and C/2023 A3 (Tsuchinshan-ATLAS)
  • Science programs optimizations: automated reconnection to the App and improved tracking feedback
  • Joystick can now vibrate when in use
  • Performance upgrade for older devices (4 years+)
  • UX/UI optimization: the display of different tabs and buttons

Bug fixes

  • Spelling correction updates
  • Operator/Observer connection random drops corrected
  • Overall performance and stability updates


2.3.1 (486)

Released on January 30, 2023 


  • Software integration of our new telescope the eQuinox
  • Improvement of the control system for the operator/observer status by eliminating any unintentional switch during your star parties.
  • Security upgrade for your telescope connection by adding a password. You have now the option to create a Wi-Fi password to secure your observations.

Bug fixes

  • Content update
  • Overall performance and stability improvements


2.2.0 (469)

Released on November 17, 2022


  • In a few seconds, you can now observe Jupiter in colors and details thanks to Unistellar's enhanced vision. Also available for Saturn, Mars, and Venus.
  • A new science mode, "Cosmic cataclysm", is now available
  • A button to find predictions for each science mode is now available
  • Improvement of the GPS efficiency

Bug fixes

  • When visible sky area is deselected, Fawaris is not the first object displayed
  • Overall performance and stability improvements
  • Visible sky area settings from the catalog and main settings are synchronized
  • When a second deep link, from the same category, is opened, information is updated
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