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About storage and maintenance


Maintenance and Storage of your Unistellar Telescope

Store your telescope with the cap cover in the original packaging or its backpack. 

If you own an eVscope 2, store it with the eyepiece cover on. 

Do not store your unit with an empty battery

Do not store your unit in a wet or highly humid environment. 

Do not store your unit at temperatures below 10 °C (50 °F) or above 40 °C (104 °F)

Do not store it under direct sunlight. 

Note : Please keep the original packaging in case you ever need to ship the telescope.


Maintenance of the Mirror

The mirror can be removed by unfastening the 4 screws on the back of the adjustment mechanism. 

Clean gloves must be used to manipulate the mirror. Once the system is removed, the mirror can be cleaned with dry compressed air. No liquids nor wet tissues should be used to clean the mirror.

You can find more information in the technical guide.


Maintenance and Storage of the Tripod

Tripod screws can become loose with usage. Please check the clamps before any use. Three different tripod tools are included in the toolbox to tighten the screws on the tripod. 

Do not store the tripod under direct sunlight (there will be discoloration at one point, that can't be repainted).

Do not store the tripod in a wet or highly humid environment. 


Maintenance of the Battery

All our telescopes run with a built-in lithium-ion Battery. Like all smartphones, these types of battery switch to sleep mode if not used for 2 months or more. 

Important : If you are not using your telescope for a long period, ensure to charge the battery once in a while (check its level every 2-3 months).

The battery is not meant to be removed by the user without our approval. If you are experiencing any battery issues, please contact our support team

To maximize battery life, you should avoid high discharge while using your telescope. 

Avoid using your unit at low temperatures (< 0 °C or 32F) or high temperatures (>40 °C or 104F), as this can affect the lithium-ion battery. A very cold environment can increase battery consumption and will result in a shorter duration of use. 


Traveling with your Unistellar Telescope

If you need to travel on a plane, do not put your telescope in the backpack as checked luggage: it might be damaged, and it won’t be covered by the warranty. Please take a look at this article here for more information.

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