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A New Space Experience: the Unistellar Smart Solar Filter


Unistellar is excited to announce the future release of its Smart Solar Filter, our latest space experience tailored for the Unistellar smart telescopes. This all-in-one package includes a solar filter designed to fit your Unistellar telescope with a polymer sheet selected to reduce 100.000 times the Sun's light, and a solar mode in the Unistellar App to elevate your observing experience to new heights.

Get ready to discover the Sun with our Smart Solar Filter.


Technical specifications:

  • Made of polymer sheet for the filter and plastic for the mount
  • Reduces 100.000 times the Sun’s light (Neutral Density, ND = 5)
  • External Diameter 143mm (the structure)
  • Internal  Diameter 116 mm (the polymer sheet) 
  • Design to fit: eVscope, eVscope 2, eQuinox, eQuinox 2
  • Filter category = White Light
  • The filter will be delivered with a protective case to carry or store it safely

When can I order? When will I receive my purchase?

Order now, deliveries of pre-orders will begin between September 19 and 30, 2023, just before one of the major solar events.

What's "smart" about this accessory?

Our Solar Experience will allow you to easily observe the Sun with our smart GoTo Sun feature in our Unistellar App. Connect to your telescope during the daytime, place our filter on the telescope, and with the Unistellar App point, track the Sun automatically.

Why should I use the Unistellar Smart Solar Filter vs another solar filter fitting on top of the telescope? 

Unistellar reminds you that it is never safe to observe the Sun without the proper equipment. We only guarantee safe solar observations with our Smart Solar Filter. The polymer sheet has been selected to reduce sunlight for our sensor by 100.000, and the mount has been designed to fit perfectly to our telescope. We also guarantee that our telescope's onboard solar image processing was developed to work with this specific filter only.

How to observe : 

  • Set up the telescope on its tripod in the direction of the Sun according to the official solar quick start guide that will be delivered with your filter purchase
  • Remove the dust cap on top of the telescope and install immediately the Solar Smart Filter 
  • Connect to the telescope with your smartphone and launch the Unistellar app
  • In the catalog, select the Sun and click on the Goto button to point and track the Sun automatically
  • Enjoy your observation!

Important: Unistellar Warranty

Unistellar guarantees safe solar observations only with the Unistellar Smart Solar Filter and only with its proper use. There is a risk of damaging the unit during solar observation by not respecting the official quick start guide instructions. In such a situation, the damage will be considered to be a misuse and will not be covered under warranty. The user can contact Unistellar to repair the sensor at his own expense. If a user breaks the solar filter, Unistellar will not be able to repair it. Please contact our support team, and we will try to find a solution.

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