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How to Connect Your Telescope to the UNISTELLAR Application?


Since version 3.0 and above of the UNISTELLAR application, you can now automatically connect to your telescope. Your telescope firmware should be updated to version 3.0 and above to use this feature.

Once you've launched the Unistellar application, you'll be able to connect directly from the Homepage.

Note: your telescope should be turned on, and the LED indicator should be red (or blue, depending on your telescope settings), confirming that your telescope is ready to connect.

Important : Make sure that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are activated on your device (smartphone or tablet).

Tap the 'Connect' button; if Bluetooth and or Wi-Fi is not enabled on your device, you'll be prompted to enable it, which you can do directly from the app.

The application will search for available Unistellar telescopes that are turned on and ready to connect.

When your telescope appears, select it and confirm the connection. As soon as the connection is made, you'll see a message saying "Connection successful".

When the telescope is connected, it will be displayed on the homepage as shown in the image below:

You can see your telescope's Wi-Fi name, the battery level, and the storage status.

Note: Depending on the size of your device’s screen, some information will not be displayed. If your screen is too small, the Storage won’t be displayed.


What to do if the connection fails?

If the connection fails, you can still manually connect to your telescope’s network. 

Activate Wi-Fi on your device. If the scope is switched on and the LED is red (or blue, depending on your telescope settings), you should find your telescope as an available network on your smartphone or tablet.

Once connected, you should see the message: "Connected to device. Can't provide internet"

Note: If your telescope does not display its Wi-Fi network, you can reset it: Turn on your telescope and click the on/off button 10 times (half a second x 10) to reset your network settings. The LED will turn purple for a few seconds and then blue again (or red depending on your telescope settings) once the network settings have been reset.

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