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How to Get Started : Setting up Your ODYSSEY or ODYSSEY PRO for Your First Observation




Have you just unpacked your ODYSSEY or ODYSSEY PRO and are ready to make your first observations? This article will walk you through the steps needed to set up your ODYSSEY or ODYSSEY PRO and enjoy the wonders of the Universe.

If you wish, you can book an online video onboarding session with one of our product specialists to learn everything you need to know about using your ODYSSEY/ODYSSEY PRO by following this link. Be sure to read this article first.

Note : Get the technical guides and quick start guides in PDF format for all our products by following this link: Download the technical guides for your UNISTELLAR products


1 - Install your ODYSSEY or ODYSSEY PRO on the tripod

- Open the legs of the tripod and adjust the height.
- Adjust the legs to put the bubble level within the black circle.
- Check that the tripod legs are properly secured.

Note: each time you move your ODYSSEY or ODYSSEY PRO, we recommend resetting the bubble level.


Loosen the tripod screws at the crown of the tripod.


Install your ODYSSEY or ODYSSEY PRO vertically on the tripod. Tighten the screws at the crown of the tripod to secure your ODYSSEY or ODYSSEY PRO. Be careful not to tighten too hard as it may damage the thread.


Start your ODYSSEY or ODYSSEY PRO by pressing the On button for 2 seconds. The LED is first purple, then blue (or red depending on your telescope settings). Remove the cap covers on both the ODYSSEY or ODYSSEY PRO tube and eyepiece (ODYSSEY PRO only).


2 - Connect your ODYSSEY or ODYSSEY PRO to the UNISTELLAR App

Where can I download the UNISTELLAR App? - Minimum requirements for the UNISTELLAR App

Make sure to enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your device before connecting the telescope.

Once you've launched the UNISTELLAR application, you'll be able to connect directly from the Homepage.

Tap the 'Connect' button to automatically connect your telescope to the app.

When your telescope appears, select it and confirm the connection. As soon as the connection is made, you'll see a message saying "Connection successful".

When the telescope is connected, it will be displayed on the homepage as shown in the image below:

Learn more about connection here : How to Connect Your Telescope to the UNISTELLAR Application?


3 - Start your first observation

The easiest way to start observing a celestial object is with the recommended objects in the Homepage or through the Catalog, you’ll be able to use the Goto function.

On the Homepage, you can find a selection of recommended objects to observe. You can filter objects by type with the buttons on the top. Swipe over the buttons to show more object types.

You can also use the Catalog. It can be reached from the bottom menu of the app.

As soon as you tap on an object in the catalog or in the recommended objects in the Homepage, its information sheet will appear.

On the object information sheet, you can get detail about this object (swipe up to show more information)

If the selected object is visible in your set Visible sky area, you can tap on the button to automatically target the object. 

The telescope will then automatically slew to the targeted object. 

Once the Go-to is validated, you can activate Enhanced Vision (Dynamic Signal Amplification) by tapping on the button .

Learn more here : How to Use Enhanced Vision? (Dynamic Signal Amplification)


4 - Save your capture 

Once you are happy with the result, tap on the button to save a capture. It can be done either in Live View or when the Enhanced Vision (Dynamic Signal Amplification) is activated. 

Your capture will be saved in the in-app gallery and on your device memory. From the in-app gallery, you can share your capture with friends and family


5 -  Turn off and park your telescope

Once your observation session is over, you might want to park and turn off your telescope. This can be done in your telescope settings menu

The settings of your telescope can be accessed from the Homepage or through the Setting menu ().

From the Homepage, tap on the telescope settings button to directly access your telescope's settings. 

Or tap on the settings button (in the top right corner) on any main pages of the app (Homepage, Catalog, Science or Gallery) to access the settings menu. Then select “My telescope” to access your telescope settings. 

Once in your telescope settings menu, you can use the buttons, as in the image below, to park and turn off your telescope.

Good to know : About storage and maintenance

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