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With the new UNISTELLAR App update version 3.2, you can now download your RAW data directly from your telescope to your computer! Check out this article to learn more.

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What's the Homepage?


With version 3.0 of the application, we have introduced the Homepage. The Homepage is the first page you see when you open the UNISTELLAR application. From here you'll be able to easily connect to your telescope, check its status, find help, find recommended objects to observe, join scientific missions and discover new products and accessories.

Note : If you're using an older version of the application, you'll need to update the application and firmware to access the Homepage (How to update the UNISTELLAR App?)


Automatically connect to your telescope

You can now automatically connect to your telescope by tapping the "Connect" button.


Your telescope's status

Once your telescope is connected to the app, you can see its Wi-Fi name, battery level and storage status.

Tap on the settings button  to directly access your telescope's settings. Tap the "Watch" button to go to the observation page and start observing.


Find help and contact our support with direct access to our Help Center (requires to be connected to your mobile data)

You'll find here recommended Help Center articles depending on the model of telescope connected to the app and have direct access to our Help Center where you can contact our support team if you require assistance.


Recommended objects to observe

You can filter objects by type with the buttons on the top. Swipe over the object type buttons to show more object types.


Join scientific missions and find predictions

Join our Citizen Science program to participate in science missions and find scientific event predictions.


Direct access to our online shop (requires to be connected to your mobile data)

Direct access to our online shop to discover new products and accessories.

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