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How do I control my eVscope? WiFi or Bluetooth? Is the Internet needed to operate it?


Unistellar’s App can be downloaded to a smartphone or a tablet and enables you to wirelessly control the eVscope via WiFi. Up to 10 devices can be connected to one unit at the same time (1 Operator and 9 Watchers).

The eVscope is a connected telescope, meaning it needs to be connected to another device (smartphone, tablet, computer...) to be controlled, but an Internet connection is not mandatory for that device. It's only needed to download our application. It functions with a smartphone or a tablet.

To benefit from the full eVscope experience (observation sharing, notifications,...), we recommend you get a data connection but if you can’t find one where you want to observe, you’ll still be able to use your eVscope.

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