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“Enhanced Vision Stopped or Dropped” : What does it mean?


Enhanced Vision, the technology we have developed to make possible deep-sky observations, may halt while you use your eVscope, you will then get one of these messages:

  • Important shock detected – Please check the level and re-align”. If an important shock is detected (for example, a strong kick on the tripod), Enhanced Vision will stop. You will then need to re-adjust your level bubble and go through the Focus & Track procedure as explained in the Quick Start Guide.
  • Too close to zenith – Please re-align at a lower altitude”. If your eVscope is getting near the zenith (which creates various issues, for example for tracking), Enhanced Vision will stop. We don't recommend going below 20° or above 80°. You will then need to go through the Focus & Track procedure as explained in the Quick Start Guide.
  • “Your eVscope is stopping the Enhanced Vision. Do you want to save the image?” If it is not possible anymore to observe (for example, if the sky is fully cloudy), Enhanced Vision will stop.


NB While you observe, you will sometimes see an “Enhanced Vision dropped” message. What this means is that one of the images stacked by your eVscope has issues and that we have skipped it to maintain the quality of your observation.

Three specific messages can appear:

  • “Enhanced Vision dropped. Vibration detected”. This means a minor shock has been detected (for example someone bumped against the eyepiece).
  • “Enhanced Vision dropped. Too bright”. This means an image has been polluted by light (for example someone turned on his/her smartphone’s flash).
  • "Tracking issue detected" - could be an issue with your focus and/or collimation. Please adjust those.

More troubleshooting tips are available here.

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